The animation and visual Effects (VFX) industry continues to steadily gain acceptance with global counterparts. According to the KPMG India-FICCI Indian Media and Entertainment Industry Report 2017, the Indian Animation and VFX industry grew at 16.4 percent in 2016 to reach a size of  INR59.5 billion, driven majorly by a 31 percent growth in VFX , with animation remaining steady at a growth rate of 9 percent. India is currently well positioned in the global VFX industry.

This is Due to the latest technology and equipment now easily, making it easy to start a company or project. Due to this and the amount of visual effects these projects call foe, VFX studios which are popping up everywhere.

The sheer number of studios in India now along with the increased collaboration among them has made this industry an undeniable breeding ground for aspiring VFX artists. As a fresher, you can expect to earn around Rs. 15,000-20,000 and once you gain adequate experience, anything from a lakh to a couple of lakhs and more is yours for the asking. If you can’t decide whether to take on freelance projects or a full-time job, remember that freelancers are often paid more since they work on contract- based jobs, however, the amount of pay they rake in undoubtedly based on their level of talent and experience.

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